Most weekly dance classes are set up as sessions, which means there are series of classes that you attend weekly for a determined amount of time. The class fee, which is noted in each class description, is a total of the number of classes in a session multiplied by $15 per class. Most classes are an hour long each week. We highly encourage committing to entire sessions of classes, because regular practice helps you build your skills at a steady pace.


Drop-ins are available in person for $18 per class. Special workshops with guest instructors are noted as such with their individual times and prices attached. We highly encourage attendance to these special programs as they are chosen specifically to enhance weekly classes, and broaden each student's knowledge base and experience. Please read each class description to find out details such as alternate payment and class requirements. 

Please arrive 15-30 minutes early on your first day of class to complete your registration. Our classes regularly fill up, and preregistration is required, even for regular students. 

How to pay? You can pay by credit card or PayPal through the registration process for each class below. You may also pay by cash or check on the first day of class, simply choose the "Pay in Person" option when you register.

PLEASE NOTE: for classes labeled "Pay in Person", with no online pay option, you will pay your instructor directly. 

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Our online registration closes the day of class, or the first day of a series. If you have missed preregistration, or if the class states "Service not Available", please contact Twila to see if there is still space in class to register in person, or check the class description to see if it is sold out. Drop-ins are usually available mid-session. 


Registration required, let's do it!