123 E. Main St. 
Richmond, VA. 23219 



We typically hold classes in the evening and on weekends, and currently do not keep regular office hours. Please message us for an appointment! 

(804) 549-3982

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Electric Nomad is a dance hive comprised of a variety of participants: dancers, artists, educators, parents, makers, movers, and activists as well as organizations and individuals who support inclusive art focused on building community and empowering one another. Dance teaches us how to work together while building strong bodies and spirits, alive with expression and universal truths. We welcome and encourage a diversity of ethnicity, gender expression, age, body, and ability at Electric Nomad. We believe that the common threads between us all, such as art, dance, music, food, and celebration are the foundations of positive togetherness. We believe that our shared human experiences can build empathy, love, and a brighter future for everyone!

This new incarnation of our studio at 123. E. Main St. comes almost a decade after our first studio started. In time, we've grown into an artist's space that seeks to integrate many facets of the work we have done both as Illumination Dance and as Electric Nomad. While we are rooted in dance and movement, we are also a visual art space.  You will find work from local artists, handmade items for sale, and enjoy live music and performances, as well as classes in acting, burlesque, theatricality, visual art, 
and even herbalism. And this is just the beginning!  We intend for this new space to be super-collaborative, with an emphasis on providing an awesome space for folks to teach, share, learn, and explore something new. How would you like to participate at Electric Nomad? 

Dear studio family,

We at Electric Nomad have been paying close attention to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and are taking this very seriously. We have made the decision to cancel all upcoming group classes and gatherings for the next month, and are preparing for two months of closure. Social distancing is going to be one of the greatest steps we the people can take immediately to slow down the speed of the spread of this disease, lessen the burden for our medical community and carers, and to protect our most vulnerable citizens. We wish to be proactive in this very important action.


• We will remain open as a space for rent for individual rehearsals, but not for group gatherings until further notice. We will have a cleanliness protocol in place for how you should interact with the space while using it in this critical time.


• Students who have paid for classes will have a no-expiration date credit for future classes. 

• We are currently working on prerecorded and/or livestreamed classes that will be available for online learning, that will be available not only to our current students, but for students anywhere. These will be offered on a donation basis/sliding scale. 

• We are a very small business and in this time of closure would very much appreciate the support of those who are less financially affected by the current challenges. If you wish to purchase classes or coaching sessions ahead of time, we are currently making gift certificates available through our registration page. 

• If there is a way that we can help you, please let us know! We wish to be as available to our community as possible during this time and always. 


We are going to make it through this! We look forward to seeing you on the virtual or real dance floor soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or text me at 804-549-3982, or email

Take this time to drink lots of water, take care of yourself and others, and dig into your creative potential!

Love,  Twila

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