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Dear studio family,


As a member of Twila's student troupe, Laterna Dance Company, I was inspired by the space she created for each and every person that entered our doors. Since Electric Nomad's closure in March 2020, I had a dream to continue Twila's mission. 

I'm happy to share that I am in the process of bringing Electric Nomad back to life! Please bear with me as this website goes through a transformation. Follow us on social media to see what we're up to! Beginner-level Bellydance classes are currently held at Dogtown Dance Theater on Thursday nights through the end of February.

Take care and I hope to see you in the studio soon! 

Andrea (she/her) 


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Electric Nomad was a dance hive comprised of a variety of participants: dancers, artists, educators, parents, makers, movers, and activists as well as organizations and individuals who support inclusive art focused on building community and empowering one another. Dance teaches people how to work together while building strong bodies and spirits, alive with expression and universal truths. We welcomed and encouraged a diversity of ethnicity, gender expression, age, body, and ability at Electric Nomad. We believed that the common threads between us all, such as art, dance, music, food, and celebration are the foundations of positive togetherness. We believe that our shared human experiences can build empathy, love, and a brighter future for everyone!

This new incarnation of our studio at 123. E. Main St. came almost a decade after our first studio started. In time, we grew into an artist's space that seeks to integrate many facets of the work we have done both as Illumination Dance and as Electric Nomad. While we were rooted in dance and movement, we were also a visual art space.  We showcased work from local artists, handmade items for sale, and enjoy live music and performances, as well as classes in acting, burlesque, theatricality, visual art, and even herbalism. And what a wonderful beginning we had! Our intention for this new space to be super-collaborative, with an emphasis on providing an awesome space for folks to teach, share, learn, and explore something new was met, even in our short time of being open. Thank you for the years of art and dance between both of our incarnations! 




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